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Sep 22, 2014
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May iPhone 6 ka na ba? Ano? "Wala pa"? Wala ka na sa uso, pre! #BiroLang

Kidding aside, we understand why you haven't snagged Apple's latest and greatest handset yet. After all, the iPhone 6 and its big bro, the iPhone 6 Plus, are still not officially available here in the Philippines. Which is why we're goddamn jealous of our bros in countries like the US and Australia (where the initial roll-out happened three days ago) who had first dibs on the devices.

The global excitement is not lost on us, and we totally get why everyone's giddy over the latest iterations of the iconic Apple handset (read: iPhone 'yan eh). For example, check out this Australian dude who was one of the first to buy the iPhone 6 in Australia, which consequently also made him one of the first owners in the world:

Video via LousiVhite on YouTube

We think our hearts skipped a beat for a moment there. Poor guy, he was obviously both super excited and nervous about getting interviewed. What's important though is the phone was unscathed. W-H-E-W!

Another thing that should make the hype meter soar higher: The initial reviews are in! Several big tech websites have already published their review of the iPhone 6, and it's looking darn good! For example, TechCrunch calls it the "New Best Smartphone" while The Verge gave it a 9 out of 10 score. Gimme! Gimme!

Also, another thing bound to happen has happened: Someone has already made a drop test video starring the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus! How did the phones fare? Let's just say we won't ever do this to our phones:

Video via PhoneBuff on YouTube

Yep, the iPhone 6 is no 3310. But then again, can you come up with a current device that's close to the legendary Nokia handset in terms of toughness? We thought so.

As we've said, the new iPhones are not yet officially here in Pinas. However, a few online retailers are already offering it to local buyers at exorbitant, wallet-busting SRPs.

iphone 6 philippines

For example, Kimstore is offering the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus starting at P50,000 and 90,000, respectively. Over at Lazada, the iPhone 6 Plus goes as much as P130,000 while Widget City offers the 128GB version for P84,500. Dafuq, right?

Those are crazy-high prices for the sake of having them A-SAP. Speaking of which, we've come up with a few things you should know about the local pricing and availability of the new iPhones. Do yourself a favor and check 'em out on the next page!


(Spoiler Alert: It shouldn't be as high as the downpayment for a brand new car!)

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