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iPod Nano review

<p>Trying to understand why, with the iPhone, Apple continues to make devices such as these</p>
| Oct 29, 2009
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With the iPhone written down permanently in the wish lists of many gadget freaks, we wonder a little why Apple keeps on coming out with new versions of the iPod Nano. [firstpara] Who needs an MP3 player when you can get an all-in-one device that lets you call, listen to music, watch videos, and play beer-pouring games? But hey who are we to question Apple? What we’ll try to figure out here is if this 8,000 to 10,000-peso gadget is really worth it.

Like many of Apple’s products, the iPod Nano is a supermodel amongst MP3 players. Pardon the superlative, but you know the Nano has been sexy ever since it was released. It remains as such up to now.

This Nano retains its ultra-sleek anodized aluminum exterior, while the size of its LCD screen has been increased by 0.2 of an inch. Unless you were begging to ruin your eyes, we still wouldn’t recommend watching a full-length movie on it. To make way for the slightly larger screen, the click wheel has been resized down, which isn’t really an issue for most of us who don’t have alien, sausage fingers.

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Once you recalibrate your digits to navigate the smaller click wheel, you’ll find out that this Nano actually has new features. The most amazing of which has got to be its trailblazing FM Radio functionality. Just kidding. No, it does has the functionality, but it's not the greatest.

The greatest addition has got to be the 5th-gen iPod Nano’s video recorder. At the start, using this function might be a little jarring, since the camera placement— on the lower left side of the back panel—a tad odd. You’ll still have to turn the iPod to one side (as opposed to the upright recording most camera phones give you) to capture video.

By your 9th or 10th video though, you’ll be quite accustomed to it, along with the Nano’s cool video filters. We really find it amazing that the Nano’s tiny camera can take great-looking shots.

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In the end, the iPod Nano is an impressively-designed, easy-to-use MP3 player, as it has been since it was introduced. The new tricks it has under its sleeve should only make it more desirable. But we really can’t recommend it to you wholeheartedly, primarily because at its price, we’d rather shell out a little more for a smartphone that can do everything a Nano can do, and then some.


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