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After Android 'Jelly Bean,' is 'Key Lime Pie' next?

Google's getting busy
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 5, 2012
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Key Lime Pie

We're sure Google, especially the Android team, is working overtime these days. Microsoft is getting a lot of buzz from the Consumer Preview of Windows 8, not to mention its constant statements about powering some of Nokia's  smartphones. In addition, there's a silent but deadly and formidable foe lurking in the form of the most non-threatening fruit, Apple.

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Things aren't looking so great for Google's mobile OS because, not only is the Ice Cream Sandwich update taking forever for many partner manufacturers, there's also talk about soon-to-be sister company Motorola being run separately, and rumors of work on Android 5.0 Jelly Bean being sped up to be ready in time to compete with other platforms by the middle of this year.

Now, CNET reports that Android already has version 6.0 in the laboratory and it's reportedly being named Key Lime Pie. We can see why it was the obvious choice, apart from being a delicious dessert, its color is similar to the one on the green robot Android is known for. Just imagine a robot head topped with whipped cream. Uhm, yum?

Can't keep track of Android operating systems? We don't blame you. See the gallery below for some help.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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