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Is Metal Gear's Raiden Actually Cool Now?

Raiden grows up and becomes his own cyborg in newest <em>Metal Gear</em> game
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 28, 2013
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We remember our first encounter with Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance’s protagonist, Raiden. It wasn’t too good.

Raiden shocked the gaming world as Snake's shitty replacement in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. For months prior to the release of that game, Snake became pretty much a gaming demi-god. So when we all found out that Raiden was the game's real "star," a lot of us got upset. He seemed like a whiny rookie still too proud of his accomplishments at police academy and, despite his athletic abilities, lacked the low-key, gruff coolness of one Solid Snake.

Ditching the sneaking suit for a cybernetic body in the fourth MGS game, Guns of the Patriots was a good first step to redemption though. Despite wearing “heels,” Raiden was one of the coolest characters in the game. His flash and dash moves made Old Snake look like an arthritic lolo. And now that we’re firmly in over-the-top ninja territory for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, let’s take a look at what Raiden’s done to ditch his reputation as a lame pretty boy.

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1) He Has Mastered The Mean Look

Raiden’s mechanical lower jaw is one of the sweetest design elements we’ve seen lately and easily offsets any “he’s wearing heels” complaints out there. We’re just waiting for the crazy Japanese trendsetters to adopt it in real life. Also, with his sexy new cyborg body, there’s less chance of getting caught running around naked like an idiot again.

Raiden's peg: Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen and how he makes indoor shades look ace.

2) He Has Awesome Hair

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A good badass is intimidating all over, but the only reaction Raiden’s perfect MGS 2 locks (pictured above) were getting was the mad pinging of our gay-dars. Not to mention how impractical for sneaking around it was.

His new pale, crazy man hair is much better. It just screams “I run around and chop heads off really fast!” When you can’t grow an epic beard due to a glass jaw, you’d better be compensating with the stuff on top of your head.

Raiden's peg: Ghost in the Shell’s Motoko Kusanagi and how no one would dare say a bad word about her purple mane.

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