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Is This The Apple iVape?

What to smoke with this device?
by Andrei Medina | Jan 31, 2017
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It may sound crazy but tech market leader Apple has reportedly patented a vaporizer product that may well be the its first venture into the booming vape industry.

According to Digital Trends, the United States Patent and Trademark Office recently released the approved patent for the Apple product that was filed back in June 2016.

What’s interesting is the patented image shows the unnamed product to have components like a lid, heater, and chamber body. Vapor and the “substance being vaporized” were also illustrated.

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Despite all of these screaming a potential iVape in the works, The Verge pointed out that everything was still up in the air since humans weren’t even cited as the end users of the product.

It added that Apple was more likely to cook up an air freshener of some sort for cars or their numerous offices—or maybe a hologram machine that uses vapor.

But it wouldn’t hurt Apple’s new non-phone product is actually an iVape, right? I guess time will tell. For now, the next best thing is a vaping product that entails the use of your iPhone.


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