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'Isn't PC gaming dead?' Join the discussion now!

Give your two cents' worth on this issue
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 24, 2012
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So is it? Clearly, the debate between whether or not PC gaming is dead or on the ropes has been raging for quite some time now. With the emergence of mobile gaming on devices like handsets and tablets and, of course, the popularity of consoles, this topic will continue attracting the two cents' worth of gamers and non-gamers the world over. 

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Online portal

In light of this, German gaming peripherals manufacturer ROCCAT made a site where those who'd like to get their thoughts across can speak up. It's a nifty little portal one can use to give their opinions on the whole PC gaming dilemma. You need only to provide a few details to participate and, after you do, you can join in and converse (virtually) with others who also have their take via an iPhone-looking interface on the site. You can also look at previous entries already, er, entered by others since these are displayed on one long thread.

Our brief thoughts

As for us here at Techie, we think PC gaming is definitely not dead, although it does need help. As we've mentioned mobile gaming devices like the PS Vita are increasing not only in number but also in capabilities. Smartphones and tablets are also becoming powerful enough to run games that look better than Angry Birds.

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Then there are apps. Gaming apps on different platforms are becoming more creative, better-looking and are popping out more frequently like mushrooms after a rainstorm. Consoles, as always, remain as a threat to PC gaming and, with the expected introduction of the successors of the likes of the PS3 and the Xbox 360 within the next couple of years, the competition is likely to get more intense.

However, PC gaming is still here and will remain to be a viable outlet for spending your free time. There's really not much of a problem in terms of innovations and new features, the never-ending march of technology will take care of that. What we're after is game development. We want more games that have that mass appeal, new, stable gameplay, immersive storylines and, for those that need it, a proper payment scheme.

We also think making more titles that are playable on a wider range of specs and hardware will greatly help the cause of PC gaming. And, please, don't make gamers wait too long for anticipated games like Diablo III. We do believe a set of notable new games are in the works that should breathe new life to the PC gaming scene. We know piracy is also part of the issue and is a big headache but that's reserved for discussion some other time.

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Be heard

We're not sure of the reasons why ROCCAT decided to set this all up aside from, of course, knowing our thoughts on this issue but it's pretty obvious the company is cooking something up. This "something" should be revealed in about 10 days as shown by the digital timer that's slowly ticking away on the site they made. A ground-breaking new gaming device? A drool-worthy set of gaming peripherals? Apps? Games? Partnerships? The list goes on. Guess we'll find out soon enough in early March. Anyway, if you want to join in the conversation, click here. Also, you can check the gallery below for a list of notable games that are expected to come out this year.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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