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Japanese concept phone has a real clock in it

What time is it again?
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 18, 2012
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There's an app for everything even a clock, but what if someone was crazy enough to design a smartphone---with an actual clock? We're talking a real one, not some screen-based thing whose design you can choose from. An actual analog clock. Let's say a watch of sorts because it's so small. Have a look at the upper left corner where there's a reset and wind-up button. Created by Japanese company KDDI, the concept phone is described as a "fusion" of elegance and technology, which we take to mean as the contrast between technology (the smartphone with all its widgets) and the very basic, hand-wound clock.

The concept phone with the quirky analog addition is aimed to bring a "little luxury" everyday amidst busy moments, and that it'll serve to change smartphone from merely a "tool for consumption" to something that has "beautiful form" like an "old machine" --- you can't get any older than a clock, unless someone thinks of adding a sundial to a smartphone soon. Dibs on the intellectual property if ever.

A couple questions that weren't addressed: does the clock run on a separate battery? If it does, what kind and is it rechargeable or is it one of those batteries that you need a watchmaker to fix?

Anyway, the phone was designed by Jamie Hayon, and it runs on Android 2.3 on top of the "iida UI" on KDDI phones. We think it's a novel idea, but it's probably not for everyone, and some critics will probably attempt to obliterate the addition of such a pre-tech concept on a high-tech phone. Nevertheless, we have to give props to Mr. Hayon and the KDDI team, never thought we'd see that on a smartphone.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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