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Bilbil Busters: Jawbone's New Hi-Tech Fitness Trackers Will Help Get You Into Pang-Romansa Shape

Because the holiday season is near and you're bound to add more <em>bilbil</em>, check out Jawbone's hi-tech fitness trackers that can help you get in better shape!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 9, 2014
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The holiday season is just around the corner. While that means a shitload of good stuff coming our way like presents, drinking sessions, and parties, it also signals the arrival of something both guys and gals loathe: more bilbil. Hey, what can we do? We can't let good food go to waste.

The good news is fitness trackers (devices that monitor your fitness level and goals) are becoming more mainstream. Not only are they very mobile and portable, they can also help you get back to your pre-holidays pang-romansa figure faster, without the need to hit the gym (because seriously, who has the time?).

We've got two such gadgets below. Fellow health-conscious-but-not-too-uptight people, check out the Jawbone UP MOVE and UP3 below!


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Looking like something made for little kids, the UP MOVE comes in the shape of a small pod and is available in bright colors (e.g. red, yellow, white). It's also of similar size to another fitness pod, the metallic Misfit Shine, which is roughly the size of a P5 coin. You can basically put it inside your pocket or clip it to your collar and forget about it.

Portability aside, the UP MOVE also comes with several features to help you stay in or achieve tip-top shape. For starters, it allows you to set fitness goals (e.g. how many calories you want to burn in a day) and tracks your progress. The UP MOVE monitors stuff like the total number of steps you've made in a certain period and the calories you've burned so far. It even has the medyo-creepy ability to track your sleeping patterns and tells you if you've had a good night's sleep or if you need to get a few more Zzzs.

When it's connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the UP MOVE transforms into a nagging coach, telling you if you're slacking off or doing a good job in reaching your fitness goals. A wristband is also provided so that you can wear the device like a wristwatch.

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The upgraded version of the UP MOVE, the UP3 looks like a futuristic fitness tracker from the year 2020. And, it's not just the looks; it also has some really neat hi-tech features.

Temperature tracking: The UP3 has a chip that senses body and environment temperature which the device then uses to tell you if you're hot because you're sick or because it's just, well, really hot around you.

Heart rate monitor: The UP3 keeps track of your resting heart rate, is a key indication of your heart's overall health.

Advanced sleep tracking: Because sleep is made up of different stages, the UP3 tracks all of them to come up with solid suggestions to help you get more quality shut-eye.

Auto activity classification: The UP3 knows what you're doingsort of. Compared to standard fitness trackers, it's able to differentiate between jogging/running and, say, playing hoops. This results to a more detailed picture of your fitness progress.

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