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Bejeweled Enrile: 6 Games Manong Johnny Would Suck At

We bet these are not installed in his tablet
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 6, 2013
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At the Senate Smackdown featuring Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago's privilege speech, fellow legislator Juan Ponce Enrile was caught doing this:

enrile playing bejeweledPhoto credit: Ruel Otieco / Radyo 5

What's that, Mr. Senate Minority Leader? Were you playing Bejeweled on your tablet during Santiago's verbal tirade? Madame Senator wouldn't like that.

Enrile played confidently, acting without the least bit of concern from the tongue-lashing coming his way. Ballsy. If we were in his position, we'd be peeing ourselves or rushing to the nearest exit.

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But, seriously, why Bejeweled? Does he just want to tease Senator Santiago? Or, does he really like the game? In an interview, the 89-year-old Enrile said he plays it to exercise his aging mind, revealing he's at over seven million points and is in level 273. But that was August. He surely has a better score now.

Manong Johnny can play Bejeweled, no doubt. But we wager he'll have a much harder time with the following games:

Need For Speed: Most Wanted


For: Those who like speeding cars and have nice eye-hand coordination

Not for JPE: Sorry, Mr. Senator. Maybe if this game that involves quick reflexes was available back in your younger years, you might have completed it easily.

Get it: P87 on Google Play

Spot The Cat

enrile playing bejeweled
Those with sharp eyes and have the patience to repeatedly scan through loads of boring photos in search of one thing: a darn cat:

Not for JPE:
If you can get bored while a colorful character such as Miriam Defensor Santiago shouts FlipTop-worthy verbal bombs, then an uneventful game like Spot The Cat isn't for you.

Get it:
Free on Google Play

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