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JVC HD Everio

<p>Point, shoot and play in HD! Baby</p>
| Apr 23, 2009
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While HD is the next big thing, most consumers would rather stay away because of its complex manuals and pricy nature. JVC addresses these concerns with their newest HD Everio S series. The S series is comprised of two models: the GZ-MS120 and GZ-MS130, and at 240 grams (the MS120) amd 245 grams (the MS130), they are both contenders for the lightest and smallest full HD camcorders in the market. Both have dual memory slots that offer non-stop recording at 1920 x 1080 full HD video by simply switching memories when full. The 130 model is equipped with an SD card slot and a 16GB internal flash while its 120 counterpart has 2 SD card slots.
With their quick startup at a second after the LCD is re-opened, coupled with an easy-to-use design, comfy angled grip, and silver-framed LCDs make them ideal in every household. They also have a one-touch feature upload where you can easily export your videos from your camcorder directly to your iTunes library and sync them to your iPod or iPhone, or even upload them directly to YouTube and burn videos to a Blu-ray disc.
Priced at P22,990 for the GZ-MS120 and P27,990 for the GZ-MS130 which is relatively more affordable than other HD camcorders, the JVC HD Everio S series is hard to resist. - Marc Celis

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