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Kill On Sight (K.O.S.)

<p>Will this free-to-play shooter hit or miss?</p>
| Apr 29, 2010
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Usual dialogues among online gamers go like:

Ratraters ka!” (directed to the guy spraying his automatic rifle like Baygon);

Abangers ka kasi!” (refers to a sniper who spends the entire time hidden, waiting for an opponent to cross his sight);

Puro sawsaw kakampi mo!” (pointing to teammates in the habit of stealing  targeted kills of others);

Amp! Tara, duel tayo!” (Short for anak ng &$#%. The rest, self-explanatory).

The way this is going, they’re probably playing Kill on Sight (K.O.S), the latest massive online game by Level Up! It’s similar to Counter-Strike—albeit better, save for its local online multiplayer playability and ability to level up your soldiers.

The upside: it’s free-to-play. You can go ballistic against other players across the country anytime, free of charge.
The downside: upgrading and buying kick-ass weapons will cost you moolah.

Well, K.O.S doesn’t exactly sound original—it plays like Special Force, that other popular online game by Game Club. What makes it unique is the pro-mode feature, where you can place virtual cash bets to hustle some extra dough on the side.

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WORDS: Yas Salinga, Charmaine Chanco

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