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King of Fighters XII

<p>Fight! Fight! Fight!</p>
| Aug 13, 2009
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Finally, a visual makeover for a game that has billed itself as the worthy challenger to Street Fighter since the ‘90s. And the results are very, very pretty to say the least. But know this: Unlike Street Fighter IV, King of Fighters XII remains rendered in 2-D, high-definition 2-D that is.

Most of the game’s visuals were said to have been hand-drawn, very impressive considering that when in motion, the animation looks as smooth as a baby’s bottom. It’s high-quality animé with you having full control of the action. The fighting mechanics also stays true to the essence of a KOF game. It’s fast, frenetic, and many of your favorite characters’ signature moves still at play.

What the game lacks, however, are bonuses and extra modes of play. Once you’ve wrapped up the single player story mode and witnessed all its half-assed endings, there’s nothing more left to do. No more characters to unlock. No more concept art to look at. No more rewards to unravel. Without these missing pieces, KOF’s replay value ultimately suffers.

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