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Good Guy Konami Gives Amputee Gamer A Prosthetic Arm

Good job, Konami!
by Mark Coles | May 24, 2016
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Video game developer Konami is known for producing some of the world’s most famous video game franchises, such as Contra, Silent Hill, and Metal Gear Solid. Recently however, the tech giant from Japan got considerable media attention not for their games, but because of their project to help James Young, an avid video gamer who lost his left arm during a train accident in London.

Konami helped Young by developing a prosthetic arm based from the game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. They worked on the prosthetic arm for six months, and it looks ridiculously good.

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It even houses a drone!

The prosthetic arm connects directly to Young's remaining nerves and muscles in his shoulder, which are capable of controlling the articulated hand on the end of the arm.

It boasts of a flashlight, a USB port into the wrist for charging a smartphone, a laser light, digital watch, and a drone. It weighs 10 pounds with both the harness and battery attached.


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For its design and installation, Konami asked for help from the guys of Open Bionics, a group based at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, the biggest robotics lab in the UK. Their Phantom Limb project has been going over a year now with the idea of what bionic limbs should look like and what functions they should perform.


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