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The iPhone 5 Has Arrived!

The new version of the wonder handset, now official!
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 13, 2012
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And so, after months of waiting and tons of sabi-sabi from different corners of the Internet, it can now be said: the iPhone 5 has finally arrived! Yes, dudes and dudettes, the wraps have been taken off the one handset that both Apple and Android lovers have been anticipating (for different reasons), undoubtedly sending a big shock wave through the whole tech world.

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Despite its name, the iPhone 5 is actually the sixth incarnation of Apple's wonder smartphone and, as expected, carries the same hype and expectations its equally eagerly anticipated predecessors had. We're clearly excited about this one and interested in what makes it the new pambato. With that, here are what we so far know about its tastiest bits. Steve Jobs would be proud.

More eye candy

The iPhone 5 looks a lot like the iPhone 4S, except that it's bigger and has a four-inch display size is now at four inches—half an inch more than the iPhone 4S. This is in fact the first time Apple decided to breach the 3.5-inch barrier, whicdh we say is about freaking time. After all, the other flagship handhelds from other brands have long ditched smaller screens.

The resolution of the iPhone 5's display is at 1136 × 640 or 326 ppi (pixels per inch), good enough to be called a Retina Display (one of the highest resolutions known to smartphones). Imagine watching HD movies or playing games on it without even noticing a single pixel. It's that nice.

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More speed, more power

Under the hood, the iPhone 5 sports the new A6 chip. It's said to be twice as fast as the one found on the iPhone 4S, which was no slouch either. It also gives a huge boost to the 5's overall graphics performance, enabling you to run more games, apps, and whatever you want to abuse it with faster, and with minimal lags and slowdowns. Diablo III or DoTA on the your palm? Why not? Kidding, but you get the drift.

As an added bonus, the A6 chip also boasts more power efficiency and is smaller than what's found on previous iPhones. This means the iPhone 5 will likely spend less time on the charger and more time on your palm.

Slimmer, sexier

Despite the iPhone 5's larger display, the Apple geeks still managed to shed a few grams off of it. Believe it or not, it's now even thinner, at just 7.6mm, leading Apple to call it "the most anorexic of its kind in the world". At just 112 grams, the iPhone 5 is also about 20-percent lighter than the 4s.

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