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Ladies and Gents, the Samsung Galaxy S4!

The Korean superphone has arrived
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 15, 2013
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Now we can safely say, totoo na 'to!

After tons of rumors and leaked videos and product shots that made our expectations rocket sky-high, Samsung has finally officially launched the new top dog of its smartphone brood. Here it is, the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S4, a bad boy of a smartphone that will make your current unit look like it came from the Jurassic Age. Okay, we're exaggerating a bit, but you get the drift.

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Look, ma, it's a bigger Galaxy S3!

First things first: What does the Galaxy S4 look like? To be frank, it looks like, well, the Galaxy S3! But that's not much of a surprise given that most gadget brands, including Samsung, follow a sort of standard framework for their products. Case in point: Apple's iPhone.

The Galaxy S4's on the left. Pinagbiyak na bungaalmost

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But there are subtle yet important differences in terms of the S3's and S4's facade. For one, the Galaxy S4 is larger by a smidge (5-inch vs. 4.8-inch) and is thinner at just 7.9mm thick. And, although it sports the same rounded corners, you could see that it looks proportionately narrower than the Galaxy S3.

In terms of build quality, reports say that the S4 feels more metallic even if it's made with the same polycarbonate frame that its predecessor was. That should be good news since it'll give the device that premium vibe and fewer of those "parang plastic!" comments.

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