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Last Longer In Bed With This App For Premature Ejaculation

'Just think of it like training for a race'
by John Paulo Aguilera | Nov 10, 2016
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The saying "Nice guys finish last" has always had a negative connotation when talking about life in general and even the rabid dating game.

In one aspect of a man's life though, a little lag doesn't sound too bad at all.

Premature ejaculation (PE) had long been tormenting men whose common desire is to fully satisfy their ladies. And the good old-fashioned romp isn't limited to optimum performance—it goes hand in hand with how long can one last in bed.

Males have resorted to "start-stop"and "squeeze" techniques, or numbing their senses with unsexy thoughts, although most of the time to no avail.

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Not to worry though, as an app has just been introduced to help members the male populace who climax a little too early.

Called Pea (which stands for premature ejaculation app), the software was the brainchild of a certain Brennen Belich, who suffered from the same dilemma in high school.

Basically, the app trains an individual to boost his sexual stamina through kegel exercises, arousal control and masturbating training—all at the convenience of his phone. It even has a virtual sexual therapist (The Doc) to help aspiring carnal ironmen with the exercises.


Although nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, which means that overcoming this particular hurdle still requires effort.

"Just think of it like training for a race... If you want to be able to run for 30 minutes straight, you wouldn't train by sprinting for 2 minutes, getting tired and giving up," Belich wrote in Product Hunt.

We're sure someone who shoots his load sooner than expected wouldn't mind an ample amount of workout to better himself.

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