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Lenovo A8-50: How To Gwapo-Fy Your Tablet On The Inside!

We show you how you can improve your Android's looks on the inside. Our guinea pig: the sleek and fast Lenovo A8-50!
by Lio Mangubat | Aug 15, 2014
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You? Gwapo. Your hair? Gwapo. Your shoes? You guessed it. Head to toe, you are G.

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Your tech, though, shouldn’t be left behind. Especially not your phones or tablets, which you pull out and look at every single day. #TrueStory

We admit: Outside of a few high-end companies, design isn’t the highest priority of Android manufacturers. The stock software that most companies load into your homescreens is always "just okay"—everything is just arranged in the same old grid formation that’s perfectly serviceable, but not necessarily pretty to look at.

But it’s a shame. Unlike Apple, which has an iron choke-hold on how your phone looks and operates, Android allows you to completely customize how your software looks. It’s not just cosmetic, either—some of these customizations actually make your phone more manageable and easy to use.

We demo how to fashion up your tablet with the Lenovo A8-50, a sleek 8-inch tablet that’s the perfect proving grounds for a makeover. Here it is, fellas:

lenovo a8-50 philippines

We're aware that the A8-50 isn’t handsome. But we just like how its look on the outside: simple and glossy with no unnecessary bling.

lenovo a8-50 philippines

The exteriors have a rounded, minimalist feel. The rear casing may be plastic, but our test unit came in a nice matte finish that resisted even the greasiest of fingerprints. More importantly, it didn’t look cheap

lenovo a8-50 philippines

Corners round to a glossy-looking front. Screen resolution matches its price range, which means to say that it won’t bowl you over, though watching Thor: The Dark World in broad daylight was pretty good, thanks to an outsize brightness adjustment feature and the twin front-facing Dolby speakers.

lenovo a8-50 philippines

It’s those speakers, incidentally, that are our favorite part of this tablet. They pack some real audio punch—so feel free to load up some Air Supply, prop the tablet against a wall, and blast out the music in full volume while you clean the house. Though it’s no match to the roar of a vacuum cleaner, there’s a real depth to the sound it pipes out.

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We also like the battery life. With a phablet this size, the A8-50 functions better as a media and entertainment backup to your everyday phone. With that kind of occasional use, a full charge will get you through two full days before calling it quits. And have we mentioned it has 1GB of RAM and a quad-core chip? That means it's also a Speedy Gonzales ('80s and '90s kids will get it).

Yep, we have a goodie over here. But to make it look even better, we decided to gwapo-fy it from the inside. We show you how on the next page. Who knows? Maybe this will help you do the same for your oh-so-boring Android tablet!

NEXT: Because the software deserves a make-over, too!

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