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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12.5: Why Your Next Laptop Should Be A Hybrid

No. 1: It can "transform"! No. 2: If it's as loaded as this one, then READY YOUR WALLET!
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 17, 2014
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A little confession: When we first learned of hybrid gizmos (a.k.a. devices that can play the role of two different gadgets in both form and function), we were skeptical. The traditionalists in us dismissed the idea as just a gimmick. "Two-in-one devices? Ano 'yan, kape? It won't work, man. It won't work."

Maybe it's the fact that they're relatively new to the scene. Or maybe we're just too accustomed to normal gadgets that using something different scared the shit out of us. In other words, baka kasi kainin kami ng buhay.

But then more and more of these techie two-in-ones appeared. So, the curious cats in us asked, "Did we get it wrong?"

lenovo thinkpad yoga review

The short answer: Y-E-S-!

The longer, more specific answer comes in the form of the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12.5, a notebook-tablet device that showed us that hybrids are the shiznit! In fact, it showed enough for us to proclaim that, if you're in the market for a new laptop, it would be awesome if you'll choose a hybrid. No kidding!

Here are six reasons based on our playtime with this glorious device from the Big L!


Before you get the wrong idea, we're not saying that larger is better. In fact, it's the complete opposite!

For hybrid notebooks, larger isn't better. If it's big and chunky, sorry, but we won't give a flying eff about it. Since we're talking about notebooks that can be tablets, too, being slim is key (because tablets are slim, duh!). If not, well, just imagine a fat dude trying to put on skinny jeans and proclaiming he's an anorexic.

lenovo thinkpad yoga review

In the case of the ThinkPad Yoga 12.5, the darn thing's really thin. It's only just over half-an-inch thick! So when you fold it up, it won't look like a thick slab of metal that will transform your man bag into a can of sardines.

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lenovo thinkpad yoga review

Being slim also means it will look like a true-blue tablet once you transform it (more on this in a bit). And oh, at just 1.5 kg, it won't make you sweat when you carry it around.


Being able to function as two devices means a hybrid has impressive hardware. In the case of the ThinkPad Yoga 12.5, we were blown away. Here, take a look:

lenovo thinkpad yoga review

To summarize, this beast has an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, one friggin' terabyte of storage, and a 12.5-inch, Full-HD touchscreen (not shown in the list). That specs-line pretty much means the ThinkPad Yoga 12.5 can take on your everyday computing tasks, from the simple (e.g. web browsing) to the more hardcore (e.g. graphic design), and multi-task like crazy.

Based on our playdate, it was smooth sailing when it comes to using the device. We encountered very few lags and slow-downsand if ever we did, it ended faster than you can say "Yoga."

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