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Lenovo Vibe X: Good Vibes Ba O Hindi?

Fellow geeks, another superphone just landed in our lab! Here's the crazy-thin Lenovo Vibe X! The question is, is it more than just another super slim gadget?
by KC Calpo | Apr 12, 2014
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Another day, another smartphone to play with and judge. Next up (Drumroll, please!): The Vibe X, a crazy-thin handset from Lenovo with a jaw-dropping specs list worthy of superphone status.

So, should it be on your list of tech essentials, or should you say “Next!”? Good vibes ba, o BV? We help you answer that below!


One look and you'll know that the Lenovo Vibe X has a bit of size, thanks to its 5-inch touchscreen. Despite that, however, it manages to be really thin. At only 6.9mm thick, it's among the thinnest handset we've ever laid our sweaty palms on. It will easily slip into your pocket, even if you're wearing a pair of super skinny jeans that's cramping up and making your yagbols sweat.


Lenovo also adorned the Vibe X with a glossy facade and metal trim. Plus points for aesthetics! We do foresee scratches in its future, so lads, go to the nearest phone accessory shop for cases and screen protectors.

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Lenovo switches things up on some of the Vibe X's internal and external features. For starters, the Power button and volume rocker were made to trade places, the former is now on the left side while the latter is on the right. This is a reversal of the positioning found on the Vibe X's predecessor, the equally-gorgeous K900, a.k.a. The Kobe Phone.

lenovo vibe x review philippines

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It took us a few times to remember to go for the phone's left side instead of the right one when we wanted to start the thing up, but it's not such a big deal. You can set up the Vibe X to wake up from Sleep mode when you press the Up and Down keys, too.


More handy features like Smart Answer (answering calls by putting the phone near your ear), Smart Call (same idea, but you do this from the Contacts or Messages app), face recognition, and Shake to Lock can be turned on via Settings. Its pocket-dialing prevention mode's on by default, so there will be fewer instances where your butt called your bro.

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