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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10: 7 Unique Features That Make It A Winner

Its not-so-ordinary features separates it from the rest of the tablet pack!
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 1, 2014
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We here at FHM are suckers for cool gadgets. Does it look good? Okay, nice. Does it look good and has a totally different facade/hardware/software compared to its kin? Pahiram, please!

We use the same metric with our FHM Babes. Sure, there are a lot of pretty women out there, but it takes a special beauty to garner attention amidst a sea of lovely faces. (Speaking of "beauty," have you met our August 2014 muse, Beauty Gonzalez?)

lenovo yoga tablet 10 review philippines

Which is why when we were given the chance to have a techie date with the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10, the geek inside us yelled, "Hell yeah!" After all, it's a powerful tablet that will score high in a beauty contest.

Take it from Ashton Kutcher:

Good-looking it is, yes. But the real MVP here is its unique features which not only make it stand out, but also improve the overall user experience

We're talking about features like...


lenovo yoga tablet 10 review philippines

The Yoga Tablet 10 looks good...and weird when you factor in the fact that it looks like it swallowed a tube and wasn't able to digest it.

lenovo yoga tablet 10 review philippines

You'll be hard-pressed to find something like that on other tablets. But why the hell is it there? Based on our experience with it, it actually made holding the device with one had much easier. More grip, less slippage, baby!

Oh, it also houses the next item...


lenovo yoga tablet 10 review philippines

The cylindrical side houses a stand that makes the tablet, well, stand. It is, perhaps, the biggest physical difference the Yoga Tablet 10 has with other tabletsand we' definitely like it. Thanks to the stand, we were able to view stuff on the device with less hassle because, you know, looking down on the ground is not exactly our idea of tablet quality time.


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lenovo yoga tablet 10 review philippines

Lo and behold, the Yoga Tablet 10 that was loaned to us also has a SIM card slot!

"Eh ano ngayon?" you ask? Well, fellow smart-ass, it effectively transforms the device from a tablet to a tablet that can function like a big-ass phone...almost. While the Yoga Tablet 10 does have SMS functions, it doesn't enable voice calling. Maybe Lenovo just wants to spare us from looking like total dorks?

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