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Dec 11, 2013
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We're suckers for gadgets that are kakaiba and can do a ton of things. So, when Lenovo unleashed its new Android Yoga tablet here in the Philippines, we just can't help but take notice. Take a look at the gorgeous thing below.

lenovo yoga tablet philippines

See? Its unique, svelte, and glossy look alone is enough to get our attention. But what really sets the Yoga tablet apart is how it works: the darn thing is a multi-mode wonder! By that we mean you can use it in a variety of functions or "modes" comfortably!

lenovo yoga tablet philippines

The Yoga tablet has three modes: hold, stand, and tilt. With hold mode, you can use the tablet using only one hand easily, thanks to its side cylinder that can function as a grip or handle. In stand mode, you can rotate the side cylinder to deploy the stand. This lets you use the device hands-free, useful for, say, watching online videos.

You can also set down the tablet in tilt mode if you want to use both your hands for typing, mobile surfing, or playing games. And to make things easier, the tablet has a feature that automatically brings out the different apps you use in hold and stand modes. For example, if you frequent the Internet in stand mode, it will give you access to the mobile browser. Nifty, huh? Here's a video to help explain all this "multi-mode" talk starring Ashton Kutcher.


But let's not forget the innards! Aside from being a functionally flexible device, the Yoga tablet has handsome hardware to take care of your mobile chores. We're talking about having a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, dual-cameras, and 16GB of storage. Nice!

Another positive: You've got two choices to choose from! The 8-inch model goes for P14,999 while the 10-inch version costs P2,000 more. Got it? If you want to spend your Christmas bonus on one, the Yoga tablet is now available locally at Lenovo Exclusive Stores. For folks in Mindanao, you can get the device at the Lenovo Mobile Exclusive Store in Gaisano Mall. Davao City.