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6 Reasons Why Calling The LG G2 The 'Best Smartphone Today' Isn't Stupid

The competition is tough, but it manages to come up with a few nifty tricks
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 30, 2013
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Here it is folks, the all-new LG G2. It's LG's latest pambato in the superphone wars and is, arguably, the company's finest beast to date.


While we're not about to shower it with superlativesat least not yetsome have said that it's among today's mobile top dogs. Some have even gone as far as saying that it's the best smartphone currently available!

A load of bull? Maybe, maybe not. What we're sure of is that this "G2's the shiznit!" talk got us thinking: Is it really the LeBron James (or Kobe Bryant for the Kobenatics) of phones? Here we list five awesome reasons that might just help build its case as the numero uno handset today or, at the very least, prove that it's one heck of a device.

1. G2 is for guwapo times two

The G2 shares the same design with most other flagships, and by that we mean it's a rectangular slab with a large display dominating the front side. Pretty standard, boring even, but there are a couple of design tweaks on the G2 that makes its exterior flow with good looks.

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