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LG G2: Beast or Bust?

As one of the well-endowed smartphones currently available, this bad boy has plenty to offer. But is it really all roses and daisies, or is it hiding deal-breakers? We take the LG G2 for a spin!
by KC Calpo | Feb 3, 2014
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Plenty of smartphones, flagship or not, have landed on our tech lab here in FHM, with varying verdicts slapped on them at the end of the testing period. To be honest, through the years we've learned to tone down our expectations for all gadgets. The fact is, there will always be good and bad things to be said about any tech toy out there. And everything's starting to look the same.

So when the LG G2 came our way, we had our reservations. This was our fourth tryst with an LG flagship phone, and while the past three rounds have been alright, we still kept our fingers crossed.

After a few weeks of quality time with this flagship model, however, we can say that it put up a valiant effort and threw in some surprises along the way. It ain't the Best Thing Ever, but damn, you'll love it. We sure did.


lg g2 philippines review

Pro romansahan tip: Make an effort to check out the simple and unassuming girl instead of the flashy bombshell. She may actually the one you should have for keeps. The same goes for the 5.2-inch LG G2. Well, it's not that simple, it being a flagship phone and all. But for us, its understated but classy appearance will always be a winner over its more colorful and blinged-out counterparts.

The G2 does have a few quirks when it comes to its appearance. But quirks are good nowadays; uso na 'yan ngayon. Unlike other smartphones, it has different placements for controls. The Power button's at the back of the unit, wedged between the volume control rockers. We suppose this is meant to make a few functions easier to do, with your pointer and middle fingers often in those positions anyway. But it does take some getting used to; there were times when we instinctively went back to our old ways. Pero masasanay ka rin in no time.

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This threesome's right underneath the 13-megapixel camera, which seems to be one of the few buttons in its usual place. The micro SIM slot's on the left side, not an unusual place to be, but then again most are placed on the right. The slot for a 3.5mm audio jack are also on the underside (not topside), right beside the speakers. Come to think of it, that one's a big YAY! Now we can sound-trip with the phone display side up!

lg g2 philippines review

Speaking of sound-tripping, sound quality is good, nay, impressive, for a smartphone. The bass lines are nice and deep while the higher tones play accurately. And no, there's no tunog lata effect. Thank you, LG. Thank you very much.

We think the best part about the G2 is its Full-HD IPS screen. For those not in the know, IPS stands for In-Plane Switching, which gives users more viewing angles (read: no parang-xerox appearance when you view the display at an angle). So far, it's among the best displays we've ever seen: There's a really nice contrast and depth to whatever we were viewing, and the colors really pop. You have to see it for yourself. Ang ganda niya, ha.


lg g2 philippines review

We all know that one can only go so far on looks alone. Thankfully, the LG G2 delivers where it counts. Its 3,000mAh battery lasted a full day and then some without any top-ups—very important considering we all seem to live our lives with our hands glued to our phones.

It's also really fast, thanks to its quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. We rarely had to wait for it to respond to taps and swipes. The G2 also handled itself nicely when we launched one app after another and did a few rapid switches. Hindi ka maiinip. And when the overall user experience and multimedia files turn out as well as they do on this smartphone, we bet you'll be preoccupied for quite a while.

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And for the benchmarkers...check out these numbers from Quadrant Standard Edition:

lg g2 philippines reviewNote: Higher is better/faster

Whoa, right?!

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