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Apr 7, 2015
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We've reviewed a gamut of smartphones here in FHM's Gizmo Testing Center and while we've found most of them to be A-OK, it's quite rare to find one that will make us go "Bro, your next handset should be this (or at least something like it)."

For us to proclaim that you should buy a particular smartphone it has to be really, really special. Merely looking good (we've tested loads of pogi devices already) or being next-gen (we've handled quite a number of new tech thingamajigs) ain't gonna cut it. It must have a seamless blend of both along with a price tag that doesn't point to the "one percent."

Rare as they may be, we believe that we have such a gem on our hands in the form of the LG G3 Stylus:

lg g3 stylus

For the clueless, the G3 Stylus is the more affordable version of LG's current top dog, the G3 superphone. That being said, you shouldn't be turned off by the "cheaper" tag it carries. In reality, the G3 Stylus has the characteristics we look for in a nice replacement phone. We're pretty stoked with this one, and there's a good chance you will be, too.

Below are our reasons why!


lg g3 stylus

While some devices will wow you with how unusual they look (these kinky underwear designs come to mind), the G3 Stylus keeps things simple. That doesn't mean though that its appearance fails. On the contrary, its minimalist facade actually pays dividends when combined with its grayish-black exterior, giving off a shine like a new pair of leather shoes. The whole thing looks classy and premium from the front to the back. Put it beside a sleek laptop or your girl's fake LV bag and it will look right at home.


The G3 Stylus isn't the most well-endowed of smartphones. It's still pretty decent though, boasting a quad-core brain that goes with a GB of RAM along with a 5.5-inch touchscreen. Sure, that's not exactly jaw-dropping, but it doesn't really matter if we're to base on our time with it. The G3 Stylus scored zero hangs and only a few slow-downs in our multiple software torture tests (which is basically us simultaneously running a shitload of apps, games, and other features to see if it will bog down in terms of navigation and switching in-between apps). Less is more!


lg g3 stylus

The same can be said with real-world use. We never really had to reboot it because it froze, or felt the need to throw it hard on the floor because of frustratingly slow operation. Here is a device that, despite not having an octa-core chip or several GBs of memory, performed like it has the best specs known to man. Seamless, lag-less operation through and through, fellas!


A smartphone sucks if it's not able to connect you to the beautiful world of the Internet—or connects you but often drops it like a girl avoiding her stalker's calls. In this regard, the G3 Stylus scores a thumbs-up from us. Not only does it connect via 3G or Wi-Fi, it does so with full reliability, and by that we mean it didn't drop a connection while we were using it (unless of course we were too far from a hotspot or inside somewhere where data can't reach).

lg g3 stylus

The same story extends to Bluetooth and voice calls. No calls were dropped or file-transfers aborted because the phone was too weak to handle the connectivity. And during the very few times that the connection went bad, the network or environment itself was too blame (e.g. we're in the middle of nowhere). The only thing missing is LTE, but we don't mind. 4G isn't exactly mainstream here in Pinas, you know.


lg g3 stylus

The G3 Stylus packs a 3,000mAh batterylarger than what's found in most smartphones today. The added juice translates to more hours of playtime. To give you an idea, the device asked for the charger after about 26 hours of normal use (voice calls, texts, moderate Wi-Fi/3G browsing). Based on our experience with other smartphones, the benchmark is 23 to 24 hours with normal use. In a world where being offline means being left behind, those extra 120 minutes or so is P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S.


lg g3 stylus

It's obvious with its name—the G3 Stylus comes with a stylus. Some might see it as merely a throwback novelty feature, but the addition of the stylus actually enhances your experience with the device. For example, the little stick provides more accurate clicks compared to what our chubby fingers can manage. It also makes using productivity apps (e.g. Notepad, photo-editing software) easier, functioning like a ball pen minus the hard-to-remove stains.


lg g3 stylus

At P16,990, the G3 Stylus is neither the cheapest of handsets nor is it as wallet-breaking as most of today's superphones (which command prices over P25,000). You could say it's priced "just right," but we're inclined to say that it's actually a bargain, given the aforementioned reasons. IMHO: You're paying for a legit and reliable smartphone experience minus the hassles, and the G3 Stylus gives you just that. At the end of the day, 17K is frankly a small price to pay.