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5 Super Features That Make The LG G4 A Legit Superphone

The Korean giant's latest <em>pambato</em> is definitely worthy of the tag.
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 1, 2015
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Last Thursday, May 28, at Solaire's super decadent The Theatre events venue, LG officially unleashed in the Philippines a superphone that had us wishing payday comes more than twice in one month.

Fellas, make some space in your wishlist for the brand-spankin' new LG G4:

lg g4 philippines

Marketed as LG's newest flag-bearer, the G4 is the Korean heavyweight's latest pambato in the ever-burning smartphone wars. It replaces the still-awesome and popular G3 in LG's handset lineup, which means it has the techie hype machine on full rumble mode.

Well, good thing it has the bells and whistles to not only compete but also set it apart from the mere mortals, aka the standard smartphone pack. We list five of its really "super" features below.


The G4 has a large 5.5-inch display with an impressive resolution of 1440 x 2560. For those who don't know WTF those numbers mean, we're just saying that this bad boy is in QHDas in Quad-HD, a resolution that's even sharper than Full-HD. Oh, baby!

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Video via  LG Mobile Global

According to reports, the G4's display produces better color reproduction, brighter visuals for outdoor visibility, and a 50-percent bump in contrast compared to similar screens on other phones. But the best part is the device's so-called Negative LCD feature, which enables the display to put less pressure on the battery despite the tons of pixels it has to light up. We all know how shitty having a powerful device that you can't use because of a bad battery is, so this is a big deal.


lg g4 philippines

That quad-core wonder phone of yours is old news compared to the G4. LG's new baby comes with a total of six freakin' processor cores courtesy of a dual-core Cortex-A5 chip and a quad-core Cortex-A53 processor. Add that to three GBs of RAM and you've got yourself a phone that will gobble up even the most tasking of mobile chores for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We'd absolutely hate you if you'll use the G4 solely for selfies.

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Speaking of which...


Forget the discussion on the number of megapixels, this phone has transcended such trivial matters. Instead, it focuses on other things to bring you sweet-looking photos. It still packs a whopping 16 megapixels of imaging goodness, but the real magic lies in its f1.8 aperture camera and 1/2.6" sensor size. For the non-photogs, let us explain.

Video via The Phone Commercials HD

Most smartphones come with a higher aperture figure (usually expressed as fX) than f1.8, which is bad news for low-light shooting. The aperture controls how much light is captured by a camera, and having a smaller figure means more light will be processed. In other words, a smartphone with a f1.8 aperture (like the G4) will generally perform better than another with, say, a f2.8 aperture under conditions where light is lacking.

The G4 also has an image sensor (aka the shooter's brain) that is larger than what most smartphones have, which is a big plus. You see, it's generally recognized that a larger image sensor equals better images since the camera will be able to process more light and more visual information, resulting to ultimately better photos. Combine these two features and you'll literally see why the G4 probably trumps that camphone of yours and its insane amount of megapixels.


lg g4 philippines

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The most loaded G4 variants not only boast jaw-dropping hardware but also something fasyon peeps approve of: genuine leather. Yes, not only will it function like a miniature PC, it'll also look great beside that LV bag you bought for your girl after a year of "dieting." Too bad it's not yours.

Seriously, the leather not only adds more pogi points but also a sense of undeniable class. And since it's genuine, the more you use the device, the more "character" it will have.

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