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LG Infinia 55LX9500

<p>Someone stole this TV's borders</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 19, 2010
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They say that seeing a grown man cry is never a pretty sight. But you know what’s a pretty, pretty sight?[firstpara] The LG Infinia 55LX9500 Full LED 3DTV. And if ever we get this in our very own living rooms, oh for sure, we’ll be letting the tears flow in sheer joy. Oh, the things we’ll do just to get our grubby hands on this 269,000-peso baby!

The LG Infinia is a borderless wonder. This is as narrow as bezels currently get, because any more narrow, we’ll be looking at the holographic screens that Tony Stark (that’s Iron Man for you, non-Marvel fan) plays with in his laboratory.

The result is stunning, and is probably, the most visually pleasing one, even when not in operation. The box says the TV measures 55 inches, but the absence of borders gives the illusion that the picture is much bigger than that.

Not only is the picture big, image quality is top-of-the-line too, with a 1080p resolution, and a contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1, (an average HDTV has a contrast ratio of about 30,000:1), which is coupled with a dimming technology that further enhances the already amazing high contrast.

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The colors are bright and sharp, with no signs of image muddiness in almost any scene. It’s really a joy to watch HD movies on this TV whether it’s 2D or 3D. A pair of 3D glasses is included with the set.

The Infinia though doesn’t have built-in 3D conversion technology as most other 3D TVs do, so you’ll need a 3D-compatible Blu-ray player is required to watch 3D videos. says that it isn’t a big a downer as you’d think it is because the conversion technology that other TV’s offered were “pretty much hit-and-miss affairs.”

All in all, if money’s no object, there are few better ways than the LG Infinia 55LX9500 if you so decide to enter the 3DTV realm. Full-featured, and gorgeous like a fine piece of furniture, this one’s what TV dreams are made of.

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