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Oct 9, 2014
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Listen up, geeks! LG has just released another quad-core smartphone here in the Philippines, and it looks damn classy!

Check out below, the L Fino:

lg l fino philippines

Its modern design and sleek facade will fit right beside your one and only suit and tie that you use for all formal events, or that leather bag that you starved yourself for. As classy as it looks, the L Fino is not asking for wallet fit for a Binay. This handsome piece of gadgetry can be yours for only P7,990! #BelieveIt

So, what do you get with that price tag? For starters, the KitKat-powered L Fino is a quad-core smartphone that also comes with 1GB of RAM. That makes it a very capable performer in terms of getting your mobile shit done.

Then there's the 4.5-inch touchscreen, which, in our book, is not too small that you'd have to squint and also not too large that one-hand operation sucks. In other words, sakto lang. And, like its pricier sibling, the G3, the L Fino has the Rear Key feature. Its volume and camera keys are in one spot at the back for easier button-mashing whenever you're, say, on the phone talking to your pal and the call audio needs to be increased.

lg l fino philippines

But what really makes the L Fino an intriguing prospect is its unique camera features.

Opening and closing your hand in front of the display will start the three-second auto-timer so you won't have to press on the shutter key anymore. There's also the front camera flash feature for snapping better selfies under poor lighting conditions. Let the pretty gal in the video below show you how it's done:

Video via LG Mobile Global on YouTube

Got that? Oh, and don't you just adore the pang-mayaman name? So much so that if ever someone asks, "Yo pre, anong phone 'yan? Bago ah!" You could say something like, "Kind Sir, this glorious handheld device goes by the title L Fino."

Classy, indeed!