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LOOK: LG Offers True Luxury With Limited Edition Ceramic Phone

Meet the extra exclusive Signature Edition
by Andrei Medina | Dec 8, 2017
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Want to feel extra special with the iPhone X? You might want to hold that thought along with the $1,000 that you’re about to burn for another, err, more pricey option.

LG is releasing an ultra-exclusive smartphone called the Signature Edition that’s about to give the iPhone X quite the run for its money.

By the looks of it, the Signature Edition will be a glorified version of the LG V30 flagship that was released in September.fh


Here’s a rundown of the things we know about LG’s luxury phone:

Unique features

So what makes LG’s Signature Edition special? While it’s not made from Adamantium alloy or Vibranium, it apparently has a ceramic shell made of Zirconium that sounds just as cool. LG also guarantees that this premium quality build makes the phone permanently scratch-proof which means you won’t need a bulky case to cover up its sleek design.

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The Signature Edition features a 6-inch OLED display with 6GB RAM and internal memory of 256GB (expandable up to 2TB). These are all powered by Android Oreo that runs on a massive 3300mAh battery. It’s also equipped with a main dual camera system (15MP and 13MP) boasting aperture levels of f/1.6 for more gorgeous snaps.

Extra features

For the hefty price, you’ll definitely be getting more than the standard service provided to regular customers. LG plans to go all-out by giving Signature Edition buyers special access to dedicated customer support. Aside from this, they can add a personal touch to their smartphone by availing of LG’s laser engraving offer.


If you’re lucky enough to have the means to buy this phone you’ll still probably have a difficult time getting it since LG will only make 300 units. According to LG Electronics Korea Sales President Choi Sang-gyu, the Signature Edition will let buyers experience what true luxury means. “We will be able to feel the value of the super premium that we have not experienced in smartphones until now.”

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Price and availability

The LG Signature Edition will be exclusively released in the Korean market by the end of December at a price point of 2 million South Korean won or roughly P92,500.

Check out this detailed review of the LG V30 to get a rough idea of what features to expect with the Signature Edition:

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