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4 Ways LG's Newest Ultra-HD TVs Will Visually Spice Up Your Man Cave

Bringing four times the resolution of Full-HD is just the tip of the eye-candy iceberg!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 28, 2015
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We bet you have a TV collecting dust sitting somewhere in your man cave. What you probably don't have is a TV that elevates any given space to another level of visual awesomeness. Such a thing is hard to find, yes, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

And we believe we've found two likely candidates: LG's newest Ultra-HD TVs, the UF950T and the UG8700.

Don't let their uncreative names fool you; the duo represents the pinnacle of current boob tube tech and will spice up any locationfrom your messy room to your parent's dust-free salaand make it a go-t0 tambayan spot.

Skeptical? Here are four big reasons!


Nothing like a bulky CRT TV to give any place that old school vibeif we're talking about a gizmo museum. The reality is TVs are becoming slim not because of needless flashiness but by necessity, and those extra inches could be the difference between a spacious interior and a room in need of some decluttering.

lg super ultra hd tv philippines

The 55-inch UF950T is a godsend in this regard. Measuring just 8.3mm at its slimmest point, it's almost like a super slim phone with a supersized display. Mix that with its shiny metallic borders and base and you've got a device that draws envious double-takes.


The UF950T gets the glances by virtue of its slim frame. Its partner, the UG8700 (available in 55- and 65-inches), receives them thanks to a feature not found on 99-percent of its kin: a curved display. It's among the few curved TVs in the market, and getting one now will likely make you the first to own such a device in your circle of friends.

lg super ultra hd tv philippines

The UG8700's curved display is not just for show. It adds more viewing angles and gives a more realistic feel to your watch-athons.

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lg super ultra hd tv philippines

As we've said, these are Ultra-HD or 4K TVs which means they are capable of pumping out graphics that are better than Full-HD in terms of sheer detail. In case you didn't know, a 4K boob tube packs four times the pixels of its Full-HD counterpart, giving you an almost cinema-like eye-candy quality right in the comfort of your home.


The ultra-slim UF950T also boasts of a feature called ColorPrime Display which, in a nutshell, gives more accurate and vivid colors compared to standard TVs. This means that stuff like green veggies, the reds on your fave supercar, and blues of the ocean are reproduced more realistically.

lg super ultra hd tv philippines

Now you know what to look if ever you're looking to upgrade your man cave. A caveat: at P279,990 for the LG UF950T and P259,990 for the LG UG8700, these bad boys aren't exactly cheap, but you really sghouldn't be shocked—quality always comes at a price.

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