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Meet The Li-Fi, A Wireless Connection 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

...and potentially more secure, too!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 5, 2016
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You're probably familiar with Wi-Fi, that glorious connection that lets us explore the wide, wide world of the Internet without the need for LAN cables or mobile credits.

It's a godsend for anyone who wants to go online. Too bad it's not as fast as the Li-Fi.

Li-Fi or Light Fidelity is a relatively new wireless connection that—hold on to your jaw—can be as much as 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. Invented by Harald Haas from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in 2011, it makes use of blinking LEDs to transmit data to computers and mobile devices like a really advanced form of Morse Code. This is its biggest difference from Wi-Fi, which relies on radio waves to serve your online dose of porn videos, social media, memes, news, and whatnot.

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As for speeds, Li-Fi has been tested to achieve a mouth-watering 224 gigabits per second in labs, fast enough to DL 18 1.5GB movies every second. In real-world tests, it was able to attain a speed of 1Gbps or about a hundred times faster than many Wi-Fi networks. Still mighty impressive.

The video below explains this potential entry to our "what-we-want-in-our-man-cave" piece of technology further:

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Yes—it uses light, so obstacles are a no-no and being in another room is out of the question. While that might be a weakness in terms of convenience, it also means it's a lot more secure since your cheap-ass neighbors or shady hackers will have a hard time accessing your Li-Fi network.

We have to wait a bit before it goes mainstream though; Li-Fi-specific infrastructures need time and cash to become widespread. Still, it's nice to know we have a choice other than unsecure Wi-Fi, unreliable data, and old school LAN.


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