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10 Pinoy Rage-Filled Moments Caught On Cam

These make AMALAYER look very, very tame
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 20, 2012
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On November 13, one Paula Jamie Salvosa followed the footsteps of Robert Carabuena and Christopher Lao onto the Internet hall of shame.

But, lumang balita na 'yan! We're pretty sure you've already watched the original vid and maybe even a couple or so of its parodies. So we decided to scour the depths of YouTube for other, lesser-known vids of our kababayans getting into fits of uncontrolled rage. See below the clips that made much less buzz but would make Paula's three minutes of online fame look like a trip to Disneyland. Each one tells us that all of us can go berserk kaya dapat chillax lang, bro—lest you want to be the next viral sensation for all the wrong reasons.


Views: 663,548
Panalo YouTube comment: "kamukha ni Reg Rubio (Greyhoundz frontman) ung gasoline boy"
FHM says: Intimidating and attacking someone half your size tells us that you might have issues. Maybe your balls are half the size of what they should be...

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Views: 1,220,333
Panalo YouTube comment:
"si AMALAYER yung pinagalitan nya. hindi kaagad nakarating dahil inaway muna si miss lady guard. wahahaha."
FHM says: The triple exclamation point on the title is well-deserved; the lady here said enough explicits in less than a minute to make the vid sound like a ghetto gangsta song.


Views: 413,365
Panalo YouTube comment: "kakatawa yung naka helmet, ang lalaki laki patakot kung sumuntok. buti pa yung naka white.... hehehe!"
FHM says: Just another example of the Metro Manila traffic getting under the skin of our motoristas. We could almost say this happens every day.

4. Super LOLO

Views: 86,647
Panalo YouTube comment: "na feature itong video sa axn most daring season 7"
FHM says: They might be slow, but we have to admit that these grandpas still have some fight in them. We'd be grateful to have those moves at their age.

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