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Logan Paul And 4 Other YouTubers Who Crossed The Line

Not cool, bruh
by Andrei Medina | Jan 3, 2018
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By now, you’ve probably got wind of news about YouTuber Logan Paul getting flak for posting a distasteful video that blatantly showed a dead man in a Japanese forest that is well known for suicides.

To clear the air, the social media star, who has over 15 million followers on his channel, issued an apology for his actions, admitting that he went too far.

It was too late though since the video already went viral, triggering fans and celebrities alike to criticize him for his poor judgment.

Needless to say, this isn’t the first time YouTubers crossed the line with their content. Here are other times social media stars went overboard, whether intentional or not.

PewDiePie's racist moment

Swedish social media star Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, more popularly known as “PewDiePie," is considered among YouTube’s biggest influencers with his massive following of 58 million subscribers. With this huge fan base, every misstep he makes can easily get turned into an issue. This eventually happened last September when he blurted out the “N” word while livestreaming himself playing the highly popular Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

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Sam Pepper's groping prank

Back in 2014, British YouTuber Sam Pepper was the subject of major criticism for a video he uploaded that apparently confused harmless pranks with sexual assault. The videos basically showed Pepper groping random women on the street, which caused public outrage for his improper actions that objectified women.


Charles Ross' antics get him arrested

RossCreations, aka Charles Ross, is not your regular prankster with his attention-grabbing videos that aresure to make you laugh your ass off. But in 2013, Ross got arrested when he performed a prank on a cop who wasn’t amused with his antics.

Despite his arrest, Ross clearly didn’t learn his lesson after he uploaded another video where he stole a stop sign at an intersection, saying that it was impeding the flow of traffic. The funny thing is, he even asked his fans for financial help to cover the legal fees for his case.

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Trollstation's National gallery 'heist'

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that performing a heist prank in any gallery, especially the National Portrait Gallery is a very, very bad idea. Trollstation went ahead with their plan anyways at the expense of shocked patrons, something which immediately got them arrested.


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