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LOL: Ryu Gets Into Argument With Ken, Sagat, E.Honda and Guile, Never Really Fights

This classic from Cartoon Network's <em>Adult Swim</em> pits <em>Street Fighter</em> main bro Ryu in the worst fight of his life.&nbsp;
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 6, 2015
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Cartoon Network's Adult Swim has long been a goldmine for grown-up comedy. 

Today, we dig up a classic from their archives: a clip featuring toy versions of Street Fighter characters, who instead of settling things with their fists, use good ol' phone conversations. Making an appearance are favorites Ken, Sagat, E.Honda, Guile, Ryu (of course), and "a Honda."

Taken from an episode of the stop-motion comedy show Robot Chicken, the clip's premise is that Ryu has written down very specific "rules" for the Street Fighter tournament and the other characters seem to have trouble understanding them.

Ryu goes through one huge headache in the clip—and he didn't even get punched!

Watch it here: 

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