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6 Alternative Smartphones With All-Day Battery Life

Bye, power bank!
by KC Calpo | Feb 23, 2018
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This scenario is guaranteed to make a bad day even worse: your “old” smartphone’s battery life is now at a single digit (with the bar icon in bright red), you don’t have your charger with you, and you left your trusty power bank at home. Imagine the horror of not being able to check social media at whim, snap selfies and group photos whenever the event calls for it, or answer work-related calls and messages (no wait, scratch that last part—you’re good).

These six smartphones will make this nightmare a thing of the past, and ensure you’ll get through the day with enough juice—with plenty left for tomorrow! They’re all at reasonable price points too, which means you charge and spend less.

Mr. T

OnePlus’ 2017 flagship device—the OnePlus 5—has officially been discontinued. In its place is the 5T, an updated version with the same good looks. The non-removable battery’s a carryover from the previous flagship, as well: 3300mAh lithium polymer. That doesn’t sound like much if you’re just going by numbers, but trust that the capacity combined with OnePlus’ power management features will get you up to two days max, if you want it to. And it tops up at around an hour, so no time is wasted.

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Official distro Digital Walker now has the 5T in stock in all of its stores. You’ll fork up P26,990 for the 64GB model, and P30,990 for the 128GB model. The best part is that you’ll enjoy an 18-month warranty for your new phone, plus a dedicated customer-service hotline and free pick-up and delivery for unit repairs. Nice!

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Extra Zen

Following the lead of known long-lifers ZenFone 3 Zoom and ZenFone 4 Max, the ASUS ZenFone Max Plus M1 packs in a high-capacity battery (4130mAh) made to last more than 24 hours per charge. Hell, it crowns itself The Battery King with a whopping 26-day standby time, and a wide range of power management features! Does it deserve the throne? Based on the ZenFone line’s track record, we sure think so.

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Buy the M1 at any ASUS Store for P11,995. ASUS also has an ongoing promo with Home Credit that lets you pay for the M1 for P1,999.16 per month for a six-month period, as part of its Chinese New Year Deals.


There’s a lot to love about the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. You could go first for its beautiful Full View display, its Kirin AI processor, its built-in water resistance, or rear Leica Dual Cameras; that won’t be a problem. But we’re getting sweet on its 4000mAh battery working with Huawei’s own power management suite and super-charging feature—the latter promising a full charge in 20 minutes!

It’s the priciest smartphone on this list at P38,990, but if you’re the type of consumer who sticks with the same phone for around three to five years, you can think of it as a worthwhile investment. Get the Mate 10 pro at these Huawei Stores, or via Globe Telecom.


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Hello, Moto!

We know we’ve said this before, but we’ll say it again: we’re so happy Motorola’s back in the Philippines! And we’re happy to see the E4 Plus as well—and to know that its 5000mAh battery would get us to and from school/office all the way to bedtime and sunrise without any hassles. 

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Head on over to Motorola’s official store at Lazada, and nab the E4 Plus for only P8,999! One last question: Gray or gold?

Who wants Mi?

We do! The official Xiaomi store is now open at Trinoma Mall. And while we didn't add the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 smartphone on our initial wish list, you bet we want it real bad, too. It's a big boy at 6.44", with a big 5300mAh battery to match. 

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Visit the brand-new Xiaomi store and ring up the Mi Max 2 for P12,999!

F it

Last on the list is one of Oppo’s bestsellers, the selfie-oriented F3 Plus. While the dual selfie camera (16MP + 8MP) up front will be the first feature to call your attention, it’s the 4000mAh battery with five-minute flash charging that’ll keep it there for longer. It also claims not to heat up when you use it while charging, so let’s just say you’ll have a long relationship with this smartphone.

A 64GB gold model’s now available on the official Lazada store for P23,990, and comes with a free Bluetooth headphone set and selfie stick. Another Lazada listing puts the same variant at P19,899,  this time with a free power bank.


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