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LOOK: This Super Hi-Tech Hotel Will Be Run By Robots

Robots serving humans: We wish this will be the case forever and not the other way around.
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 11, 2015
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Geeks, we've just got word that robots have taken over a hotel in Japan!

"OMFG, THE ROBOCALYPSE HAS BEGUN!" is something that our paranoid friends would say. However, we're talking about something that's far less violent (but still really hi-tech). So drop your plans to go into hiding or live in a cave somewhere away from tech and gizmosthis is actually pretty exciting.

When you check in at Japan's Henn-na Hotel, you'll be greeted by this face:

robot hotelImage via Huis Ten Bosch

Nope, she's not a pretty lady receptionist looking awkward after you've asked for her number several times, she's actuallyget thisa robot! You see, the Henn-na Hotel, located in Nagasaki, has employed the services of 10 robots that will do tasks normally reserved for humans: man the front desk, become bellhops, and clean after hotel guests. This makes the establishment the world's first hotel to use such technology this extensively.

In fact, the president of the hotel developer Huis Ten Bosch, Hideo Sawada, hopes that 90-percent of the operations will be done by the robots. Speaking of which, the robots were created by a robotics company called Kokoro and were modeled to look like a young Japanese woman. The 'bots can mimic human actions like blinking, making eye-contact, and breathing, and can speak fluent Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean as well.

A human staff will still help out the robots so don't worry if you're in dire need of some human interaction while inside the hotel.

robot hotelImage via Huis Ten Bosch

But it's not just C3PO's spawns that make the Henn-na Hotel hi-tech. Remove them and you'll still have a hotel which has futuristic features like facial recognition to unlock rooms and automatic room temperature adjustment based on the guests' body heat.

This isn't the first time Japan has come up with robots that could potentially replace humans in certain fields (these Android newscasters say hello) and we bet this won't be the last. After all, it's a nation with a huge imagination (Wassup, anime addicts!) and the technological prowess to actually make it all real, one step at a time.

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As for the robots of Henn-na hotel, we'd still be creeped out even if they look a bit like our fave Japanese AV idols, but at least we don't have to deal with this scary android:

robot hotelImage via

Well, at least not yet. Dundundun...

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