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Looking Forward: The Playstation Vita

A new Playstation is always a good thing
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 29, 2011
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As the PS3 enters its sixth year, the gossip wheel regarding its successor is starting to turn and churn quicker by the moment. But until the Japanese electronics giant makes an official announcement, we’re more than glad of what we’re about to get our grubby hands on in a couple of weeks: the Playstation Vita.

The Vita (latin for "life") is Sony’s next-generation handheld console, a follow-up to their wildly popular PSP, which will be released locally on January 10, 2012. Official local prices have yet to be announced, but in the United States, the Wifi-only unit will cost 250 dollars while the 3G-capable version will go for 300 dollars. If you’re a smart gamer, then you better start getting a tighter grip on whatever’s left of your Christmas bonus, and save up. If you’re some rich kid who gets what he wants, then congratulations, you automatically win, you bastard. 

But what exactly will the VITA offer? Read on below, and see a preview of the next smallest big thing from Sony.

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