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#AdikSaYo: 5 Games That Got Us Super Addicted To Imaginary Items

Many games attract us with pretty explosions and sexy female characters. The more insidious ones attract us with something far more sinister: loot. Here's our list of some of the most addictive loot-based videogames ever!
by Ash Mahinay | May 20, 2014
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It’s 3 a.m. and you’ve got work tomorrow, but you’ve feverishly been playing Diablo III since midnight. You promised yourself that tama na in 10 minutes, and so far you’re on track to keep it this time–then it happens. A flash of yellow! It’s a rare item drop!

Now that you have a new shiny thing, you just have to try it out on some demons of course. Ten more minutes won’t hurt…

If this sleepless scenario is familiar to you, then you are officially loot-addicted. This means that you're the type who minds the gameplay less than the chance to get a super-rare item that will change the way you play the game until you find an even rarer item. It's a vicious cycle that players of games that induce loot-based addiction know all too well.

It's like getting a pair of new Jordans, which for a while is the most awesome pair in the world until you see another pair of Jordans that you think is even more awesome. It just never ends. 

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So, like a session of Alcoholics Anonymous, here we’ve listed down five of the most addictive loot-based games that we've ever played. Be warned, the longevity of these games can erase your entire summer before you even realize it–perfect if you don’t have the budget to hit the beach!


Loot lore: Proudly touted by developer Gearbox to have a “bazillion” guns that you can pick up from downed baddies, this is the first-person shooter for the loot addicted.

Just off the top of our head, we have: Assault rifles! Assault rifles that shoot rockets! Sniper rifles that set things on fire! Grenades that home in and stick to targets! Submachine guns that explode when you throw them away to reload! And, of course, a gun that shoots nose gunk:

Pew pew pew? More like ew, ew, ew

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Contribution to the loot-hunting genre: One nice touch is that guns are segregated into different manufacturers–each with their own distinct characteristics. This makes sorting through all the drops a bit easier. But then for more insidiousness, Borderlands lets you swap items among the different character classes you’ve created through a special storage box. Meaning that you aren’t just thinking about one character when sorting through all the crap you pick up.


Loot lore: The daddy of them all, Diablo has a pretty epic story and a nice atmosphere to go along with it’s simple but addicting gameplay, but we all know what keeps us going is LOOT.

We always wondered how we couldn’t give less of a shit about math in class yet diligently spend hours in Diablo’s menus calculating the DPS (damage per second) of our builds and doing the math to find out whether it was better to equip your Barbarian with the +10 defense over +12 armor gloves–orrrr the +20 strength gloves (because strength boosts armor!!!) that you just picked up. ARGH!

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Contribution to the loot-hunting genre: Taught gamers that if you want to go from bare, boring barbarian to bad-ass katana-wielding barbarian, well, you've got some looting to do. The formula is typically this: the rarer the item, the more wicked you'll look.

We'll demo. At the start, you're basically a shirtless hobo:

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By the time you've picked up considerable loot, you're the friggin' emperor of Japan:

(Image via

And that is why we're still addicted to the game.

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