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<p>Blood has never been this colorful</p>
| Apr 7, 2009
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Finally a purveyor of carnal pleasure from a slew of child-like games like Guitar hero, Wii Fit, and Tennis.
In Madworld, you're Jack—just Jack—the fascinating anti-hero, who is not exactly the most likeable but easy to root for anyway. You are newest participant in Varrigan City's killing games, affectionately termed Death Watch. The grittiness of the story is further enhanced by MadWorld's graphic-novel looks. Aside from the copious spurts of red blood and blue alien goo, almost everything is rendered in black and white, and for a while, it's hard not to be awed by this unusual presentation. Nevertheless, that style comes at the occasional expense of visual clarity and comfort; in time, it becomes increasingly difficult to see important items such as health drops within the busy environments. The game is at its best when played in short chunks, if only because you'll need visual and emotional relief from time to time.
Even if you need to replay certain sections, the experience is over in five hours or so. It's a tempting repeat visit, however, not just to beat your high score or try the unlockable difficulty, but to discover new and satisfying ways to fry your foes. Although MadWorld has its inconsistencies, adrenaline junkies will relish its visual design and steady deluge of savage death and dismemberment.

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