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7 Tricks To Make Your Old iPhone Last For One More Year

Just because it's old-school doesn't mean you have to let it go
by Tanya Umali | Sep 7, 2016
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Apple fan or not, we're all aware that the iPhone 7 will be released this month.

It's tempting to get hold of the latest model, especially with a new set of features that already looks irresistible on paper. But even if better, shinier iPhones are being released, this doesn't mean you have to sever ties with your old, laos models immediately.

Truth is, they're still serviceable, especially if you keep this pro-tips on how to extend the life of your old-school iPhone in mind.

Learn how to save your iPhone's storage space
Newer iPhones have bigger storage so its user are unfamiliar with the "Not Enough Storage" notification tatang iPhone users encounter regularly. No matter how begrudgingly they delete at least a hundred photos from their vacation last summer in Boracay, those who still hold on to their old iPhone models that only have 16BG of storage space are constantly challenged to get around their phones' limitations. Apart from deleting pictures from your iPhone’s gallery, you can also do these:

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  • Configure your text messages so that they would automatically be deleted after 30 days.
  • Delete Instagram duplicates from your phone
  • Get rid of the cache from podcasts, apps, and Spotify playlists
  • Just transfer your photos on your laptop or an external hard drive so that you don't have to delete them
  • Stop backing up apps. You can just download those again if you accidently delete them

Prolong your battery juice just like in newer iPhones
As long as your iPhone is updated to iOS 9, you can always use the Low Power Mode preserve your battery's life. Just go to Settings>Battery to configure it. It kills background apps and automatic downloads that suck the life out of your battery power.

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Common battery saving tricks such as reducing your phone's brightness, turning off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS when you're not using them as well as replacing moving wallpapers with non-moving ones also help.


Get your old iPhone a backup battery or a Powerbank
Seriously, you don't need to replace the entire phone just because you want to prolong its power. Also, don't charge it all the way to 100 percent; it damages your battery's health. iPhones actually work better at around 80 percent.

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Drain your battery power at least once a month
Here's another way to extend your battery's life span. Drain it down to 0% once a month to give the battery a sort of "workout." Just like people, working out keeps the battery healthy and makes it last longer.

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Just replace your charger with a new Apple charger
Again, there's no need to buy a new iPhone just because your charger looks like it's been chewed up by your dog. Just buy a new Apple-issued charger. Other brands, though compatible, could fry your battery, which can cause explosions or shortages.

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Clean the ports
Just because the screen is what you see all the time, doesn't mean you should neglect your phone's the other parts, especially the charging and headphone ports. Getting dirt stuck on the ports can lead to charging and headphone connection problems. Use a toothpick to gently clean out the port holes on your iPhone.

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Avoid bringing your phone to the bathroom
Besides the possibility of accidentally dropping it down the toilet, the steam from showering and moisture could damage your phone internally. 


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