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Makibaka! 6 Geek Ways To Enhance Your Rallyista Experience

Use these tech toys if you want to be heard!
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 23, 2013
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Attention, FHM Nation!

A big rally is set to go down at Luneta on August 26, Monday. The agenda: Blowing off steam, venting frustration, and calling for change in the middle of this red-hot Napoles Pork Barrel issue that's making headlines in all forms of media. And since Monday is also a holiday (Happy National Heroes' Day!), we're betting our suweldo a huge number of aktibistas will make makibaka.

Now we ask you guys and gals: Will you take part in this potentially historic event, and by that we mean actually being there and not just virtually via Facebook? If you answered a rousing "Oo naman, ser!" with matching fist-bump, then let us tell you a few ways you can enhance your rally experience with the use of the tech world's spawns. Scroll down, tibaks!

1. Unleash the megaphone!

geek rally tipsAlso useful for waking up your batugan housemate

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One of the major goals of strikes and rallies is to make the voices of the common folk be heard. And what better way to achieve that than with a big-ass megaphone that will enhance your vocal chords' powers to booming levels?

Get it: Megaphones are available in tech and hardware stores and come in a variety of prices, although one can be had for as low as P3,000 brand new.

2. Photoshop that board!

geek rally tipsIn Jimmy Santos's words, "Sounds family?"

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Rallies are normally showered with loads of signs, placards, and boards that convey whatever activists are fighting for. If you want yours to stand out, why not unleash your creative powers with Photoshop or other editing tools? Not only will you be "in," your message will also potentially gather more attention, helping to really spread the word. Who knows? You might even get that satisfying "Wow, effort!" response of approval.

Meme tip: Memes are patok and, as such, it would be a wise move to use them to boost your boards, especially if you're out to connect with the online-savvy population. A couple of memes that we think will fit the bill for Monday's rally: Scumbag Steve and Conspiracy Keanu.

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