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#ManVsTech: 7 Instances When We Lost To Computers

Sure, we created them, but that doesn't mean we'll always win. Here are seven examples...
by KC Calpo | Jun 20, 2014
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Admit it: We humans think that we're the best ever, and that the things we create or nurture won't turn around and kick our asses the first chance they get. No wonder countless works of fiction have our entire race being threatened, attacked and/or even wiped out by anything from killer robots to speedster zombies, like so:

computers vs humans
Recent headlines won't make the doomsdayers or technophobes feel any better. The one that stands out the most is this computer program called “Eugene Goostman,” which is the first of its kind to pass the Turing test—basically, it has convinced 33-percent of its human judges (30 in total) that they're talking to a person, not a program.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, but this also got us to think about all the times computers bested us. We came up with seven, most of which focus on games. (That's where they start, you know.)

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Read on and prepare to wear this expression:

computers vs humans


computers vs humans(Image via

Most people don't know that the board game Backgammon brought about one of the earliest instances of computers destroying humans. A program written by chess champ Hans Berliner and chess and backgammon player Paul Magriel—which they called BKG 9.8—played against world champion Luigi Villa way back in 1979. BKG 9.8 won, and if you base it only on match numbers, lampaso ang tao.

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If we have it, we'll use it to: Totally dominate game night. Or at least in games with our siblings.


We've been playing chess against computer programs since the '50s. However, the most significant match was the one that played out over several days in May 1997: IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer trounced chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov during that rematch (Kasparov won in the first meeting). It ended with Deep Blue winning 3½ – 2½, with the supercomputer also setting the record for being the first program to win against a human champ in a match played under tournament regulations.

If we have it, we'll use it to: Challenge local grandmasters Eugene Torre and Wesley So. (Yeah, right.) Okay, we'll just use it to advance in Chess Titans.


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