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Marvel Pinball

<p>Marvel heroes playing pinball: a fresh concept</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 23, 2010
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We didn’t think we’d ever see Marvel investing their heroes on a pinball machine either, but now that we’ve seen the video game, we say it is a very awesome idea.
Marvel Pinball is much like your everyday pinball machine, but tenuously enjoyed onscreen and features four of the most iconic Marvel characters ever made: Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Blade.

Same game rules apply: Fire a steel ball using a plunger, nudge and flip the machine using your controller, and get by obstacles coming from all four Marvel characters and their corresponding pinball table designs.

More Marvel-inspired tables are slated to appear in the game via downloadable content next year, based primarily on which characters fans will vote on the online poll seen at the game’s official site. We do hear Captain America and The Hulk are both next line.

Also splendid are the challenges that come as you advance through the pinball table. Wolverine, for example, has Sabretooth and Sentinels blocking your way, while the Spider-Man table features the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus waiting from opposing corners.

The downside, if there’s one at all, could be the lack of authenticity of an actual pinball game. Players looking for a classic rules pinball action would find the Marvel version over-the-top. But then again, this is Marvel Pinball – like you’d expect anything less.

The PS3 version is available as a stand-alone game via the Playstation Network, while the Xbox 360 version comes as downloadable content for the Pinball FX2 (another pinball machine video game) on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Marvel Pinball is a nostalgia-filled fun fest, a pinball video game best enjoyed in that Christmas party you’re about to attend. Check out the game's official trailer:

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