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Skullcandy Partners Up with Supermodels!

Skullcandy eye-candy galore!
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 11, 2012
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Skullcandy, a popular brand known for its angas headphones, has just added more oomph to its campaign by coming up with the Supermodel Crew. Just what is this thing exactly? More like a group consisting of renowned hotties in the world of high fashion headlined by the All-American dream babe, Kate Upton. Boink!

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These long-legged male fantasy mainstays will certainly spice things more for Skullcandy, but they're not entirely there for eye-candy purposes. They are, in fact, also slated to design a new batch of headphones that will be available soon here in the Philippines. Now that's something worth looking forward to, yes?

“We are very excited to announce our Supermodel partnership. Definitely this is a partnership that Filipinos can relate to because of our diverse exposure and innate interest in fashion,” says Anil Menghrajani, President of Rains International, Skullcandy’s local distributor. We are, too, good sir. We're raring to see the beautiful creations of the beauties of your Supermodel Crew. Speaking of which, here's the rest of the members of this sexy and sosi crew.

IMAGES VIA Skullcandy
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