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Meet the Country's First Built-in Bluetooth Phone: Starmobile Jupiter B305

Look ma, no hands!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 20, 2012
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If this is the first time you've heard of the brand, well, we don't blame you; it's the first time we've come across this fledgling of a mobile phone too. But just because it's an industry rookie doesn't mean we're going to subject it to some horrible hazing. Like the planet it's named after, the Jupiter B305 offers huge value for the price. It deserves a chance to prove itself.

First off, let's manage expectations. Here are a couple of things that the Jupiter won't do for you: It won't let you play Angry Birds, Instagram is not available here, and there isn't BBM to speak of. This ain't a smartphone. And it doesn't look poised to become a trailblazer anytime soon.

But, the Jupiter has something else to offer: It has a Bluetooth headset built right in. Yup, Starmobile claims that the phone is the first ever built-in Bluetooth headset mobile phone.

On the phone's back portion, you'll find the wireless headset attached neatly through a cleverly designed slip-on implement. Slide it in, and slide it out whenever you need hands-free communication.

Starmobile President, Michael Chen has this to say about the innovative design: "Our team noticed how Bluetooth headsets are, on one hand, very convenient for hands-free chatting on your mobile phone, but on the other hand, also very inconvenient when not in use because it tends to be misplaced or forgotten."

The Jupiter's built-in Bluetooth headset is so simple a trick that you'd have to wonder why it's only now that we're getting such a phone. You don't even need to charge them separately; the headset is recharged too as long as it's attached to the phone.

Along with that, the Jupiter B305 is as complete a budget phone as any. It boasts dual SIM and triband capabilities, a 3.2MP camera, Facebook access and an Opera Mini browser, FM radio, music and video player, and expandable memory up to 8GB. Simply put, it's up to par.

And take a guess at its price tag. 5,000? 4,500? Lower, dude. The Jupiter B305 is only 2,990 pesos. How's that for value? And if you call now, we'll even add a set of kitchen knives! Okay, we're kidding about the knives, but that's just further emphasize the Jupiter's spartan, budget-friendly appeal. To Starmobile: "May future ka, kid."


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