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It's Bombs Away All Over Again For Mega Man In New Game

Plus 5 best moments playing as the blue bomber
by Andrei Medina | Dec 5, 2017
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After seven long years, everyone’s beloved blue bomber is finally making comeback by blasting his way through the holidays with a new title, just in time for the 30th anniversary of the iconic game franchise.

Capcom has announced Mega Man 11, the latest installment of the series spanning over a hundred games and spin-offs, which will be playable on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the PC in 2018.

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There’s also a short video demonstrating some gameplay that shows Mega Man returning to its classic 2D shooter-platforming roots.


Mega Man has been with us for 30 years now, with its first game coming out way back in December 1987. After three decades of fun and rage-inducing platformer action, we recall some of the best (or worst) moments playing Mega Man games that gamers can relate to.

Stage select

One of the first things you’ll get to see when playing a Mega Man game, aside from the opening story introductions and the tutorial, is the stage select phase. Here, you get to pick which boss you want to try and beat. Capcom also always makes sure to throw in a catchy background theme, probably to keep players from rage-quitting as they stare at the boss portrait of the stage they just failed.

Boss fights

This is of course one of the fans’ personal favorites. There’s nothing more satisfying than completing Mega Man’s extremely challenging stages and finally getting to face the boss in a one-on-one showdown. The fun stops though when you get your ass handed to you which means you’ll be forced to start the stage from scratch.

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Using new powers

After beating a boss, Mega Man gets a new power-up which can be quite helpful and at times essential in completing other stages. Power-ups range from various attack modifications to other abilities like flight and temporary immunity (if used correctly). Aside from these, most power-ups also serve as the weakness for other bosses.

Super hard levels

Despite its anime-inspired art and generally enjoyable theme, Mega Man is also known for its extremely challenging stages that’s made even the most hardcore gamers do a rage quit. Take Ice Man’s stage from Mega Man 2 for example:

Willy stages

If you thought fighting the Mega Man bosses was already tough then wait until you get to the infamous Dr. Wily stages where you get to fight against all the bosses you just beat, with no breaks!


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