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LOOK: 10 Videogame Intro Sequences That Were Actually Worth Not Skipping

We rank the videogame intro sequences that gave us butterflies in our stomach the moment we booted them up!
by Chris Martin | Jan 20, 2015
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We rape the Start/Skip button every time they come up on the television or computer screens, but did you know that the logo animation sequences of videogame companies can be #awesome, too? While many of them are nothing more than barriers that delay our enjoyment of a game, there are some that have actually stuck with us.

Below are 10 of our picks!

10)   Media Molecule

Video via LogosForTheWin

The paper texture, the art supplies, the hand sketching the company logo, we all know what this means: hipster shit, incoming. Not that we’re complaining. In a generation where gaming companies strongly believe graphics is king, seeing Media Molecule’s light and artsy approach to logo intros was a breath of fresh air.

9)   Bandai Namco

Video via TAKEOFF

We imagine Bandai Namco’s design brief was something like this: use all popular design and animation elements from 2008 onwards and turn it into the company’s logo intro. While the sequence overall feels generic (the copy even sounded like it came from a Hallmark greeting card), it’s still an eye candy that’s worthy of making it in the list.

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8)   Ubisoft (
Assassin’s Creed version)

Video via m0dm0use

Graphics wise, hands down, Ubisoft’s logo intro is one of the best. But when we saw it the first time, we couldn’t help but wonder what’s with the flicker and the static. It all felt…glitchy. Then it all started to make sense when we started following the Assassin’s Creed franchise—the games are as buggy as hell!

7)   Bioware (
Dragon Age 2 era)

Video via Trope

Who in their right mind would make a videogame logo intro as stunning as the videogame itself? That’s right, Bioware, bitchez. And the most memorable one has to be the big-ass fire-breathing dragon in the Dragon Age 2 intro. Heck, the first time we saw the sequence, we thought it was the videogame itself! Well, sorta. Still very, very cool though.

6)   2K Games

Video via biggjim001

Currently the anthem of NBA videogame fans everywhere (the previous one is coming up in a bit). The intro quickly takes you through the Tron universe through a series of neon windows until you finally reach the logo. The futuristic flavor shown in the animation is probably 2K’s way of saying to the world that the future of gaming is here.

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5)   Valve

Video via Vyacheslav Konchits

“Shit, pare, ang weird.” That’s the first thing you probably said the first time you saw this Valve logo sequence. The logo shows a big fat bald man brooding in what seems to be in an underground detention camp. Even though the sequence is simple (P.S.: We shat our pants when we saw the guy turn his head), the image is batshit provoking and scary enough to give this animation a spot in this list.

4)   Blizzard (
Starcraft II)

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