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Jan 8, 2014
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We're big fans of Michael Bay especially because of the special effects (read: all the on-screen destruction our geeky hearts desire) he puts in his movies. But when we watched the video below, we can only say, "Anyare, pre?"


The video was taken during the on-going International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) tech expo in Las Vegas. Apparently, Mr. Bay was asked by Samsung to talk about their new 105-inch curved ultra-definition TV. The presentation started fine, then the teleprompter went wrong...

A teleprompter is a device that displays the script that the person on stage will say. In other words, if it acts up, you better be prepared to "wing it." Too bad Mr. Bay isn't exactly an expert in impromptu speeches, hence ze meltdown.

michaeal bay samsung meltdown 1Image credit: Mashable

This is, by no means, an indication that Sammy's new, freakishly large 4K TV is cursed bad. We think it's as futuristic as TVs come and we want one for our sala—it's effing curved! Maybe Mr. Bay just couldn't handle its sheer awesomeness?

Seriously though, the Transformers director has already offered an explanation of what happened, which could be summarized as: "I got too excited; the teleprompter went bonkers; and since live presentations aren't my thing, I decided to walk out."

We feel for you, Direk Bay. It's not exactly easy to speak in front of a large crowd in a high-profile event, especially if hindi ka sanay. If it's any consolation, sir, you're definitely not the first one to be caught in this kind of embarrassing situation.

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