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Jun 19, 2010
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Microsoft has recently revealed the new Xbox 360 with a 250GB HDD, a built-in Wi-Fi, and a shiny new coat of glossy black paint. But here’s the good part: Microsoft is releasing it barely days after it was first announced.

It is smaller and thinner than the white version, and it feels lighter to hold than the original Xbox. All accessories included in the slim package come in black, including the chatpad and its standard wireless controller.

The new Xbox has touch sensitive on/off and eject buttons and built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi. There are several ports available for the optical audio, A/V, HDMI, Ethernet, and a custom port for the Kinect connection.

The console also has 5 USB ports, which may be a tad bit too much, but are nonetheless readily accessible. Microsoft promises the Xbox 360 Slim to have a much smaller power supply, and the acoustics of the console is significantly improved.

It is also reportedly “whisper quiet” this time around, courtesy of one large fan on the side of the console instead of two. The Xbox’s power supply has been moved inside the case, too.

Transfer software is finally so much easier, since it is already built into the system. That means transferring files is as easy as plugging one end of the cable into the system and the other end into the hard drive. And just like that you can transfer away – no disc needed.

Here’s the verdict: since Microsoft will cease manufacturing of the older Xbox 360, the slim version will be acknowledged as the new Xbox 360.

It sells for the same price anyway and is much handier than the previous one, so we don’t necessarily mind that. This is good news for Xbox owners and aspirers alike.


Check out www.joystiq.com for more info on the Xbox 360 slim.