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This Coin-Sized Device Is Actually A Hi-Tech Fitness Gadget!

Here's another noteworthy "minion" device that can help you big time in getting a fitter, healthier figure
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 18, 2014
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Add this to your list of FHM-approved "minion" gadgets: a gorgeous little fitness tracker called the Misfit Shine!

Here, take a lookie:

misfit shine

And here it is below a P1 coin:

misfit shine

See that? It's so effin' tiny! Created by Misfit, a company that specializes in making wearables aimed for fitness, the Shine is only roughly the size of a P5 coin. It's also very light; it's almost undetectable in your pocket. Fitness trackers are already generally small (smaller than a wristwatch), but the Shine takes the paliitan to a whole new level!

But don't let its petite build fool you; this little bugger's tough. Made with top-notch aircraft-grade aluminum, the Shine will be able to take the rigors of an active lifestyle. Plus, all that metal makes for a pogi device, too.

As for its features, the image below gives you a rundown of its fitness-related capabilities.

misfit shine

The Shine goes beyond simply tracking your movement and uses a point system to motivate its user. It will remind you of how many points (garnered by doing things, like walking/jogging for a set period of time) you have left to "score" or if you've already reached your target, based on the goals you set.

To actually track and see your progress however, you'll still need a smartphone. Not really a biggie since the Shine connects to both iPhones and Androids, which it does so wirelessly. Thanks to Bluetooth, all you have to do is put it on or near your handset and the Shine fitness app will be activated, displaying how near you are to achieving that macho gwapito figure you've been wishing for.

Last but not the least, the Shine is also magnetic, which means you can wear it in a variety of ways. The wristwatch look not working for you? Put it on your belt buckle or hook it to your pocket with the packaged clip and be more discrete. For the ladies, you can slap it on your hikaw or your ring and you've got an instant fashion accessory that can help you do a Beauty Gonzalez.

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