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Proof That MMDA's Facebook Page Admins Love 'Pokémon GO'

Fine; you can be cool and crazy, too, MMDA
by John Paulo Aguilera | Aug 9, 2016
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In this fast-paced technological era, it's important to keep up with every digital innovation.

And that seems to be the motto of the folks over at the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), particularly its savvy social media team.

The boom of Pokémon GO in the Philippines saw an unprecedented number of people on streets since Queen wrote "Under Pressure." And with the massive human traffic, this is where the MMDA comes in.


Aspiring Pokémon trainers have been loitering almost everywhere; designated PokéStops and gyms clearly aren't helping. That is why the government agency has released a set of safety reminders for those wanting to be the very best.

But in some stroke of irony, the MMDA apparently has a greater connection with the augmented-reality game than just ensuring the security of its users.

It appears that the agency's office along EDSA is a Pokémon gym.

Probably not wanting to be tagged as "killjoys," MMDA decided to play along with the selection, evident with the way its admins had been replying on Facebook—very tongue-in-cheek and millennial. The only problem is that they might've used the wrong characters...

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This one below, though...this is just taking it too far.

Fine; you can be cool and crazy, too, MMDA.


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